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Types of Tow Trucks and Their Uses

All of us have seen the improperly parked vehicles being towed. Sometimes, while looking at that Tow Truck Near Me, I wonder how it works. What are the types of tow trucks and how are they used?

In answer to this question, after doing some small research, I am writing this blog. For people like me who are new to the “Tow Truck” field, this blog will be a knowledge bucket. So, do you want to add more knowledge to your knowledge box?

Then, read ahead so that next time when you find “Tow Truck Service”, you will be aware about the type of truck that you are actually in need of or when you look at any truck towing the vehicles away, you won’t look at it with the unknown eyes.

Truck Tow Service
Truck Tow Service

Different types of trucks and their uses:

In general, 4 different types of trucks are used. These are as follows:

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks:

These are somewhat similar to the hook and chain tow trucks. Instead of chains, these trucks use a metal yoke. This causes less damage to the vehicle. Metal yoke is hooked with rear or front wheel.

The hydraulic lift slings the rear or front side of the vehicle to pick it up from the ground. Vehicles with front wheel drive are pulled from the entrance wheels. These trucks are unsafe as compared to flat bed trucks. This may be one of the reasons for being less expensive.

Combined Tow Trucks:

These types of trucks are also well known as “Integrated tow trucks”. These trucks are used for heavy duty purposes. An extra axle for additional stability is what makes these trucks unique. The arm is much more inserted in the core of the truck.

Hook and chain tow trucks:

These trucks are used to haul all types of cargo. These trucks were used the most in the past. But today, as we know that lot of pressure is applied on towed vehicles, it is not so common.

Wrapped chain can damage the vehicle. These trucks now days are used for junk automobiles and wrecked automobiles. Hook and chain trucks cannot be used on all wheels and 4×4 drives as this can damage the drive train.

Flatbed Tow Trucks:

These are widely used towing vehicles all around the world. These trucks have a long flat empty bed. Hydraulics in these trucks is used to move the flatbed upward and downwards.

Flatbed trucks are easy to use as you can easily drive your vehicle up the ramp or have it pulled up. Flatbed trucks are used for transporting vehicles having roadside problem or have been involved in any road accident.

These trucks are also used to transport vehicles and boats.


Whatever type of tow truck you are in need of, Adelaide Truck Tow is here to help you out. Our   customers rely on us for all types of Recovery Truck and repair services. We are just a call away anytime when you are in need of any help during situations such as Truck Breakdown.

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