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Recovery Trucks Are the Best Friends

It’s raining and you must never drive when it’s raining but there are times when you have to ride either for work purpose or some emergency or something else. Driving in rains can be tough hence you must always take utmost care as the roads are slippery.

We pray that everyone driving on road during rains must reach home safely.  But, never know, a little brake and you slip or just a small stop and you fall down due to the slippery roads. What you must do during the times when you get stuck with an accident in a heavy rain.

Who is your aid when you are facing the toughest combination- Rains and Accidents? Adelaide Truck Tow is here to help you. Just reach us and our team will be there soon with the Recovery Truck.

How Recovery Truck can help?

Quality Recovery Truck will recover all the broken down vehicles without any loss of freight and any damage. We have a team of experts who can do this task smoothly and carefully keeping you free from worries.

Depending on the situation and the type of vehicle to be recovered, we use different type of Recovery Truck such as:

Soft Recovery:

This is used for shorter distances where the rope or chain is attached to the casualty that has a braking system. This is used to slow both the vehicles. Here, both drivers must be competent to do so or else it’s dangerous.

Recovery Truck


In this type of recovery, the solid bar is attached to the casualty. This type of recovery is mainly used for commercial vehicles that have a towing eye in front of the bumper. When it comes to cars and light vans, the towing vehicles can be used for braking.

For commercial vehicles, it is common to connect the air feed to the casualty in order to allow the tow vehicle’s brakes to operate.

Other equipments:

In today’s modern world, recovery vehicles are available with several accessories. These include power units that supply air for power tools or pumping off vehicle braking systems.

Different shaped forks are available for attaching to lift points or for changing the standard lifting devices so they can be transported in a vehicle. Some recovery vehicles come with lifting strops or chains and webbing to secure loads.

In a nutshell:

When there are cases of an emergency such as sudden accident during rains, the need of Recovery Truck arises. Here, Adelaide Truck Towing come into the picture. Our team in Adelaide is available 24/7 with all the necessary equipments to meet the urgent demands such as the heavy vehicle accident in the middle of the road.  Till now, we don’t know whether you have come across any such emergency or not, still if you face any in future in case, you can immediately contact us.

Just save our number in your contact list and then we will at your assistance with our best Recovery Trucks and the team.