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When You Get Towed, Know Your Rights

There are many stories of individuals being taken advantage of by predatory tows. There are times when vehicles are sold without proper notice. There are people who take the advantage of their customers because they don’t know about their rights.

Before looking for “Tow Truck Service Near Me”, make sure you are aware of your rights.

Here’s what you must know 24 hours before getting towed:

Observe the signage posted while parking in front of any private or public property. You will know how long you will be able to park the vehicle at that place. If there’s no signage, your vehicle can be considered as “abandoned”.  The definition of abandoned vehicle is as follows:

“A vehicle that is left unattended, standing, parked upon or within 10 feet of the traveled portion of a highway or area in excess of 48 hours. A vehicle registered or titled as required under AS 28.10 that seems to have been left without any reason on any public or private property for more than 24 hours without the consent of owner or person in charge of the property, are known as “abandoned vehicles”.

If these are reclaimed or removed before removal occurs under AS 28.11.030, then these are not considered as abandoned vehicles.  Hence, to avoid your vehicles getting towed legally, you must quickly get in touch with any “Tow Truck Service Near Me”.

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The department for good cause may make provisions for parking vehicles on state property other than the one specified in this section under the provision of AS 44.62

In case your vehicle gets towed, the company must inform you within 30 days.

Once your vehicle gets towed, the company must inform you within 30 days to notify you that your vehicle has been towed and where it is being held.  If the vehicle is towed by an officer under section AS 28.11.30, they shall notify you within 30 days.

If the vehicle is not registered or the location of the owner of the vehicle is unknown, the notice is given by the publication in the manner prescribed in the rules of the court for the service of process by publication.

After providing the notice:

Once you have received the notice, you can get your vehicle within 30 days. In case you fail to do so, the towing company can sell your vehicle to adjust the costs accrued for the vehicle removal.

As per section AS28.10.302, if the vehicle is not claimed within 30 days, it shall be sold giving 20 days sale notice.  The notice shall be forwarded to the registered owner at their registered address by certified mail or return receipt requested.

The notice contains description of motor vehicle including its registration plate number and vehicle identification number along with the time and place of sale, statement of the amount due, and the name, address of the person to whom the charges are due.

In a nutshell:

Let’s say your truck got stuck in the middle of the road, you tried a towing company but no response. Finally, you had to leave it in the middle. Then, it was towed by the officers but you were unable to claim it within 30 days due to some reasons.

The result, you lost the vehicle. To avoid such situations, always keep the contacts of “Tow Truck Service Near Me” with you handy so during emergency you can call us and get the vehicle towed.