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Features of Tow Truck Used For Roadside Assistance

Just as there is a difference between an amateur and a professional, there is a big difference between a normal truck and a Tow Truck. We can also say that trucks used for roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services have higher characteristics than average tow trucks, which are used to pull caravans or trailers. At first, it seems that all tow trucks have the same characteristics and they simply have more engine power and are better than nothing. This is not the case at all.

This will come as a surprise to most readers here, tow trucks are truly sophisticated machines with some very unique settings and features. Therefore, any Tow Truck should not be considered regular than a block truck. This blog will definitely help you learn about the top features of tow trucks that are used for roadside assistance and even emergency vehicle recovery services.

Towing Capacity

The greatest feature of a Tow Truck is its towing capacity. Normal trucks have a passenger or perhaps a loading capacity that is very different from towing capacity. The towing capacity of the truck should be higher than the vehicle to be towed or both vehicles will be at risk of damage. The towing power of a truck is based on the horsepower that increases the strength of its body and the torque or driving power it creates by making its appropriate sutures and other relevant parts.

Curb Weight

The total weight of the truck with the full fuel tank is the weight of the truck. This may seem like a small difference to regular truck drivers. However, tow truck drivers know that the overall fuel efficiency of towing trucks needs to be managed by having control of the overall vehicle load. This would make the weight ratio calculation possible which is used to determine the truck used to tow a particular vehicle.

Drive System

A Tow Truck has three basic driving systems Rear or front-wheel drive, four-wheel and all-wheel drive. These driving systems are capable of delivering varying performance that is based on terrain, the load they are carrying and fuel efficiency to maintain.

Broken Car on a Towing Truck

Gear and Transmission

Tow trucks have a different range of gears and transmissions than regular trucks. In fact, the transmission of a Tow Truck is believed to create maximum traction and it works better when low gears have more power. This small but effective mechanical difference of the truck allows it to be more stable and allow more pushing and pulling when they are towing another vehicle.

Tow Package

People often remember that normal tow trucks only have a towing ball or point that is attached to their back. This is not the case at all. There are several types of tow packages that you may require vary depending on the Tow Truck Service requirement. We can give an example if you can compare two packages of a regular tow truck which is like the trailer of an emergency vehicle recovery truck. Both have different towing packages.

Comfort ability

A Tow Truck may not be as comfortable as luxury cars, however, they need to be comfortable enough, so that drivers can easily drive them with so much weight under them. The comfort of tow trucks should be based on low vibration when they are lifting or pulling weights. This adds to the overall user experience of the tow truck.

The Prices

If you are planning to buy a tow truck yourself, you will need to fully explore the market. There are different types of tow trucks with a big Tow Truck Prices difference. The best way would be to shortlist the trucks that best fit your needs. Chances are you will get a low priced truck with maximum utility.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs of tow trucks are expensive if we compare them with regular trucks. Nevertheless, it is for good reason. The additional features of proper tow trucks demand extra attention, so it bears the cost to maintain them. The applicability of these facilities depends on the working of tow trucks and how often they are being used.

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